French photographer based in Paris Nicolas Le Forestier debuts on YAF with a story created in his studio with the lovely model Andréa Lebris.

“It was great to meet Andrea at my studio in Paris, a perfect skin & beautiful shapes and a super groove.”

N. Le Forestier

Andrea LebrisNLF_8378

Andrea LebrisNLF_8421

Andrea LebrisNLF_8426

Andrea LebrisNLF_8428

Andrea LebrisNLF_8501

Andrea LebrisNLF_8503

Andrea LebrisNLF_8507

Andrea LebrisNLF_8513

Andrea LebrisNLF_8517

Andrea LebrisNLF_8537

Andrea LebrisNLF_8598

Photographer – Nicolas Le Forestier – Instagram @nicolasleforestier
Model – Andréa Lebris – Instagram @andrea_svart